Audit & diagnosis


Continuous improvement in the management of the Client´s maintenance activities, identifying strengths and suggesting improvements, in order to:

  • Improving overall equipment performance and operation
  • Save on operating costs
  • Portray an image of confidence and efficiency to clientes
  • Motivate the maintenance team in their daily activity
  • Become a benchmark for other company functions
  • Provide savings in maintenance costs

The Process
  • Evaluation of the maintenance function “in loco” to nine (9) parameters that develop in about one hundred (100) criteria that directly involve the maintenance function;
  • Assigning to each criterion a rating between 1 (one) and four (4), where 1 corresponds to the minimum and the maximum value 4;
  • Expressive rating of evaluations. The note assigned is understood as the margin for improvement in customer service function.
  • Delivery of a final report with graphical representation that express, by a radar chart, the results compared with each desired parameter.
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