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Training courses for Top maint users

Essentially, a practical course based on the intensive use of the software plus an important theoretical component. This training enables users to properly explore the Top maint Software and will be of interest to:

  • Frequent users of Top maint software who need to recycle their knowledge
  • Users who want to introduce new features with Top maint software
  • New software users in your company

Training in Maintenance Organisation and Management
  • Alongside the development and implementation of software, in recent years Top maint Software has developed various initiatives (training courses) in maintenance management.
  • Training in Maintenance Organisation and Management (MOMs) covers the fundamental concepts of maintenance management: Organisation of the equipment pool; types of maintenance and job orders; materials management, coding of entities related to maintenance; analysis and maintenance indicators, among others.
  • Courses in the Organisation and Management of in-house Maintenance, on customer premises, are also held.
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